Here are just some of our customers that loved our Genuine, Good Ol’ Fashioned Service:

Fixed Immediately!

Excellent. Fixed the problem immediately.  Very instructive about water heater and furnace care.  Absolute delight! Very professional. 

- Helen H.


Quick and Efficient

I love Luis and the folks at Plumb Pros! No one likes plumbing problems and we lost hot water over a cold winter weekend. Two hours after I called Plumb Pros they were at my house, then they quickly diagnosed the problem and fixed it. Called them back with a different problem two weeks later and got the same fast service. Great company!

-Satisfied Customer


I had Plumb Pros out to do some work for me. The tech was very knowledgeable and very professional. There was a problem and the supervisor came and evaluated the situation and fixed the problem. Overall, it was great working with this company.



After purchasing my home I started to have plumbing issues after only a few months. For a few years I have had to call several plumbing companies out. For one reason or another, the toilet will not flush, my drain in the basement flooded—it was one messy job after another. Plumbers would come in with snakes, dripping all over, or dragging big machines into the basement, leaving dirty tracks.

I didn't know if what they were saying was good advice, but since I’m not a plumber, I had to take their word and pay for what they said was needed. I then called Plumb Pros; what a different experience! Everyone that came to my home was professional and polite. No one left any track marks or dripped sewage water anywhere—that was nice to say the least. They took the time to explain all of my options, not just what would get them out of my house the fastest. I want to take a moment to give them a thank you. Finally, a company that treats you how they want to be treated. What a breath of fresh air they are.

-A Happy Customer

Sink Issues

Our laundry room sink was leaking and we used Plumb Pros to help fix the leak and provide a new sink. I thought the sink would be different than it was but it has worked out just fine. It is a better sink than what we had and the service was good. Our problem was able to be fixed the same day as our appointment.

-Jessica B

Great Job

The company acted professionally and fixed things we needed fixed and found more items that needed to be addressed! Great job.



You can't put a price on honesty and work ethic. Phillip was able to fix a problem I had all winter—not enough air flow throughout the house. This one service call resolved our heating as well as our air-conditioning issues. Fair price, courteous, and every step was explained to me. Thank you very much!!!


Furnace Went Out

My furnace went out in the evening and I talked to Plumb Pros on the phone. They decided that it was warm enough to just turn it off for the night and they would come at 8 am the next morning. This saved me the after-hours rate. Mike came and looked at it. My furnace is 30 years old so I knew that would be a problem. It was a dangerous problem that surprised me where flames were coming out and doing damage. I needed to catch a flight but Mike had a new furnace in within a few hours and I was on my way. The price was also wonderful! I will call them with all of my needs without hesitation.


Fixed Right the First Time

There was a bad odor coming from my basement. We hired a plumbing company to come out and fix the problem. They came out three times to try and fix our problem, but each time they only added water to the floor drain and tub drain. They told us the problem would eventually go away and they charged us every time. The odor did not go away! I decided to call Plumb Pros Inc. to see if they could figure out my problem. Luis was quick to diagnose the problem; he explained to me that the smell was coming from underneath the toilet. Then he proceeded to repair the problem and do a free plumbing inspection to eliminate any other source of the odor. They did not make us pay until a week later to insure the odor was eliminated. Glad to say we have not had any bad odor since. We will highly recommend Plumb Pros Inc. to anybody.

-Odor Free Customer

Furnace Work

The folks with this company provided excellent service even in the midst of a snowstorm when we needed work done to replace our furnace. They care about doing the job well. We recommend them.

-The Paiks

Superb Service

We were very, very satisfied with the service that the technician, Kent, gave us. He was very knowledgeable, friendly, and made sure that our needs were met, and he checked for other problems than what we were calling for and found that we needed to replace the 60 amp breaker box. That was very much appreciated since our house is for sale and eventually will go through inspection. We will definitely recommend Plumb Pros, Inc.

-Wilma Hinz

The Best

We have relied upon Plumb Pros for several years for all our plumbing needs and we have always been 100% satisfied. They have installed sinks, faucets, toilets; repaired leaks; serviced our swamp cooler; and checked the safety of our furnace. Plumb Pros truly is the best.

-Sandra in Lafayette

A+ Service

I usually don't take the time to report on service but this time I think other potential customers should know how satisfied I was with the service Plumb Pros provided. They fixed the problem with my water heater quickly and at a reasonable cost. The technician was friendly and very knowledgeable. I will call them when I need any plumbing repairs.

-Kathy in Littleton

FAST, Great Response

I'm in a restaurant. Our floor drains backed up today so I called Plumb Pros to see if they could help. Not only did they help, but they even adjusted their schedule so they could get someone out here right away. If not, we'd have had to close for the day. Thank you Plumb Pros and thanks to Louis.


Great Company! Very Professional!

One of the best companies I've dealt with. The Plumb Pros employees are very professional and know what they are doing. Everyone from the office staff to the service people were great to deal with! It was very helpful to have the service people diagnose the problem and then advise what the best course of action would be; not many companies take the time to explain the problem and stay in constant communication about it. They were very helpful and fast! We will definitely use them again even if the AC unit just needs a tune up because we know we can trust them. We will definitely tell others about our great experience with them because they are truly the best.


Thanks, Plumb Pros!

While other companies are taking advantage of unaware consumers, Plumb Pros kept to their quote to help us repair a pipe that burst last winter. The price was fair and the tech was sure to leave our home spotless after his work. Our experience was to the book with the quote and what we were charged. You can't go wrong using Plumb Pros and we will continue to use their services for years to come.


Quick and Great Service!

Plumb Pros showed up on time with quick service and reasonable prices. We were very pleased with how quickly the problem was diagnosed and taken care of. Overall, our experience with Plumb Pros was excellent and we will use them again and again.


I'm Very Pleased!

We had a swamp cooler installed and are pleased with how courteous and friendly the installers were and that their work area was kept clean and neat. I also appreciated the instructions given on how to work the unit and also how to prep it for winter, even though it was installed in early summer. Overall, I was very satisfied and would use their service again without hesitation.